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Your Foreign
Exchange Specialist
AxiForex are your foreign exchange and international payments specialists. With a wealth of FX experience, we are able to provide high quality service, expertise and innovative solutions to maximise returns and benefits to your business from your FX transactions.
Maximise Your
Do you want greater efficiencies in your foreign exchange transactions? By leaving foreign exchange to AxiForex — the foreign exchange specialist — you concentrate on your core business, saving valuable time and money.
Streamlining Your
Payments Securely
Want your payments to arrive on time all the time? AxiForex works with you to simplify your international payments process to remove any inefficiency, and establish the most cost-effective and time-effective settlement process.
Keeping You
Want to make accurate and informed foreign exchange decisions? We watch the market so you can focus on your core business. AxiForex provides you with daily and weekly market reports and rate alerts. For your convenience, our experts are available 24 hours a day to facilitate spot and forward transactions and to answer your questions.
Managing Your
FX Exposure
Want to minimise the costs to your business? A hedging strategy can help you reduce the risks associated with price volatility and market movements.
Fund Transfer for Importers
Purchase foreign currency of your choice for any goods
or services simply, securely and professionally at better than bank rates.
Foreign Exchange for Exporters
Receive and convert your foreign currency receipts simply, securely and professionally at better than bank rates.
Business Currency Exchange and Transfer
Whatever the size or type of your business, AxiForex
can help you with your foreign currency payments or receipts in a more cost effective and efficient manner
than the traditional bank process at better than bank rates.
A Better Way to Transact Forex
AxiForex lets you cut out the bureaucracy with numerous benefits including dealing at better than bank rates.
International Money Transfers
Personal service from our foreign exchange experts
takes the hassles out of international money transactions and you can exchange and transfer currency at better rates than banks.
Transferring & Exchanging for Overseas Funds
Fund managers can now receive a better deal on currency transfers and conversions by dealing at better than bank rates.
How it Works
Access secure foreign exchange services from professionals, while benefiting from significant cost savings on all transactions. We aim to give the best price on any transfer.
3-Step Online Exchange
The forex knowledge and support you demand with the best conversion rates. Sign up online in 3 easy steps. Gain access to our new and very easy to use trading platform.
Forex Daily Report
Professional services from our foreign exchange professionals takes the hassle out of international money transactions.Great conversion rates, free of commissions.