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3 Easy Steps FX

Overseas Currency Transfers in 3 Easy Steps
3-step secure online exchange is this simple

Transfer currency at bank beating exchange rates in under 60 seconds.

AxiForex offers bank-beating exchange rates with no hidden fees and no commissions. You can enjoy this safe and secure service by following these 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Obtain an exchange rate

You simply select the currency you are buying or selling against Australian dollars and choose the amount to be exchanged. AxiForex then obtains for you a quote closer to the wholesale rate than with other providers in seconds.

Step 2: Accept the quote or choose a rate

You have 20 seconds to accept the live, locked in exchange rate. You can choose to transfer at this rate immediately, or if you prefer you can select a future date for settlement (forward order). Or you can obtain another rate quote at a later time. (Alternatively, you can select a specific price level. We will notify you via either an email or an SMS alert, at no charge, when that level is reached.)

Step 3: Select who you want the payment to be made to

As with online banking, you have the ability to create a register of accounts for payments and receipts. All transactions are confirmed and tracked for future reference. It’s that easy.