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Repaying a Foreign Loan

Repaying a Foreign Loan

At AxiForex we understand that the international character of personal finances means loans in foreign currency are now much more common. You now have the ability to make large lump-sum payments without the hefty charges, fees and interior currency rates that are common using the banking system.

  • Expect superior exchange rates on every transfer
  • No commissions
  • Dependable, easy to use 3-step secure online exchange
  • Or if you prefer, call (09) 281 6200 any time for specialist service


When dealing with a bank, a single currency conversion can be costly in terms of fees and commissions as well as the actual exchange rate the bank gives for you. Not to mention the hassles. Now you can expect a lot more, for a lot less. You can either call us on AxiForex and one of our Forex experts will take care of everything, or you can choose to use our simple 3 step online process in the privacy of your own home.

As a one off transaction client you will receive the same courteous and efficient service as the clients who regularly use our services. With AxiForex you’ll save even more because your exchange rate will be significantly better than a bank or wire transfer office.


There are no maximum amounts that can be transferred by AxiForex. We can help you transfer amounts from just $A400 or more.

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